Thank you for considering Bluebird Books for the placement of your book.

The accessibility of publishing technology has led to a proliferation of books being published without the traditional oversight of professional editing, proofreading, strategic marketing, and distribution evaluation. Consequently, the volume of books presented for our review on a weekly/annual basis is significant.

It’s important to share that no bookstore can accommodate every published title, whether from a major publisher's catalogue or independently published by local authors. Our decisions on what books to carry are guided by several factors, including marketability, adherence to professional standards in production, retail pricing, independent ARC ratings, terms of consignment, as well as our assessment the focus of our book selection.

As a result, we decline books from well-known, professionally published, award-winning authors if they do not align with our store's curated collection and the ways in which we choose a book (listed above).

However, we are enthusiastic about the prospect of discovering exceptional books that can mutually benefit both parties. Should you choose to submit your book for review by Bluebird Books, please review the guidelines in the attached form and signify your understanding by your signature.

If we decide to carry your book and is available through Ingram Spark or major publisher we already have accounts with, we will procure it through distributor. If we opt to carry your book, we will purchase four at a 50/50 rate to display on a future local authors’ section.

Please download the BluebirdLocalAuthorForm to submit your book. For review of the rubric we will be using for evaluation, click here.

Thank you again for you interest in Bluebird Books and for being a love and books and stories!